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Indian Cemeteries

Ancona War Cemetery (Ancona, Ancona Province, Marche Region, Italy) - WWII Commonwealth - 79 South African, 13 Australian, Indian, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canadian, 1019 total burials, 55 Unknown.

Arezzo War Cemetery (Pratanitico, Arezzo Province, Toscana Region, Italy) Arezzo War Cemetery contains 1,266 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War. - United Kingdom, New Zealand, 50 South Africans. Plots VII-IX are Indian, 36 Unknown.

Beach Head War Cemetery (Anzio, Roma Province, Lazio Region, Italy) - WWI Commonwealth - 1 burial; WWII Commonwealth - 1,980 United Kingdom, 70 Canadian, 25 South African, 7 Australian, 4 Indian, 4 New Zealander, and 9 others, 2,316 total burials, 295 unknown.) (see Anzio)
Bergamo, Bergamo Province, Lombardia Region, Italy, see Milan War Cemetery.

Bolsena War Cemetery (Montefiascone, Viterbo Province, Lazio Region, Italy) - WWII Commonwealth - 187 South African, 2 Australian, United Kingdom, Indian, Canadian, includes burials transferred from Elba, 597 burials, 40 unknown.

Cassino War Memorial (Cassino, Frosinone Province, Lazio Region, Italy) (see Cassino) - WWII, 3,100 Commonwealth servicemen who took part in the Italian campaign whose graves are not known. In addition, over 900 Indian soldiers are commemorated on this memorial whose remains were cremated.

Coriano Ridge War Cemetery (Coriano, Rimini Province, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) - WWII Commonwealth - 1,411 United Kingdom, 427 Canadians, 52 New Zealanders, 28 South Africans, 8 Indian, 1 Australian, 1 Russian, 1939 total burials, 11 Unknown.

Faenza Communal Cemetery (Faenza, Ravenna Province, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) - WWI Commonwealth - United Kingdom, Indian, 54 total burials.

Forli Indian Army War Cemetery (Forli, Forli-Cesena Province, EmiliaRomagna Region, Italy) - WWII Commonwealth - 30 South Africans, 1 Australian, United Kingdom, 481 total burials, 15 Unknown plus 769 Indian men listed on the Memorial.
Forli War Cemetery (Vecchiazzano, Forli-Cesena Province, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) - WWII Commonwealth - Indians, United Kingdom, New Zealanders, 734 total, 4 unknown.

Milan War Cemetery (Milano, Milano Province, Lombardia Region, Italy) - WWII Commonwealth - 44 South Africans, 22 Australians, United Kingdom, Indian, New Zealand, 421 total burials, 27 Unknown, 6 non-commonwealth.

Montecchio War Cemetery (Montecchio, a frazione of Montelabbate, Pesaro-Urbino province, Marche Region, Italy) WWII Commonwealth - 6 South Africans, 289 Canadian, 284 United Kingdom, 2 Indian, 582 total burials.

Naples British Cemetery (Napoli, Napoli Province, Campania Region, Italy) - WWI Commonwealth - Indian, United Kingdom, 18 total burials.

Phaleron War Cemetery (near Athens, Greece) - 2,029 Commonwealth servicemen of the Second World War buried or commemorated in this cemetery. 596 of the burials are unidentified.
It lies a few kilometres to the south-east of Athens, at the boundary between old Phaleron district and Alimos-Kalamaki district, on the coast road from Athens to Vouliagmeni. The easiest means of reaching the cemetery is by the coastal tram, which takes about 35 minutes from the terminus at Syntagma Square on route 5 (Platon)towards Voula. Alight at Pikrodafni, a stop about 100 metres after the cemetery, from where it can be easily seen. The Athens Memorial stands in the cemetery. Cemetery address: 3 Makariou Avenue Alimos Athens, 17455 Greece
Phaleron War Cemetery is permanently open and may be visited at any time, including weekends and public holidays.
The site of what is now PHALERON WAR CEMETERY was chosen originally by the 4th Division as a burial ground for Commonwealth casualties of the Greek Civil War (December 1944-February 1945). Subsequently, the military authorities, in conjunction with the Greek Government and the Army Graves Service, decided that it would be the most suitable site for a Second World War cemetery for the whole mainland of Greece. The 23rd and 24th Graves Registration Units and the 21st and 22nd Australian War Graves Units worked together to bring in graves of the 1941 campaign from the battlefields, temporary military cemeteries and from various civil cemeteries.
There are now 2,029 Commonwealth servicemen of the Second World War buried or commemorated in this cemetery. 596 of the burials are unidentified. Special memorials commemorate casualties known to have been interred in certain groups of graves in the cemetery, but whose individual graves cannot be precisely located within these groups. Other special memorials commemorate casualties re-buried in the cemetery from original graves which, owing to the destruction of local records, could not be identified.
Also within the cemetery are:
The PHALERON CREMATION MEMORIAL, commemorating 74 men of the army of undivided India who died during the campaigns in Greece and Crete during the Second World War and who were accorded the last rite required by their religion - committal to fire.

Ravenna War Cemetery (near Piangipani, Ravenna Province, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) - WWI and WWII Commonwealth - 11 South Africans, 8 Australians, 33 total burials from WWI; 33 Jewish Brigade, United Kingdom, Indians, Canadians, New Zealanders, 955 total burials from WWII, 63 Unknown.

Rimini Ghurkha Cemetery and Cremation Memorial (Rimini, Rimini Province, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) - WWII Commonwealth - 618 total Indian burials plus Cremation Memorial for 172 Indians.

Rome War Cemetery (Roma, Roma Province, Lazio Region, Italy) - WWII Commonwealth - 28 South Africans. 4 Australians, 355 United Kingdom, 22 Canadians, 3 Indian, 10 New Zealand, 1 from Mauritius, 2 Palestinian, 426 total burials.

Salerno War Cemetery (Montecorvino Pugliano, Salerno Province, Campania Region, Italy) - 1846 burials; 10 South Africans. 20 Australians. 1,650 UK, 30 Canadians, 3 New Zealand, 55 Indian, 111 unknown.
Sangro River War Cemetery (Torino di Sangro, Chieti Province, Abruzzo Region, Italy) - 1768 United Kingdom, nearly 400 Indian, 355 New Zealander, 77 South African, 4 Australian, 2617 total burials, 520 Indian cremations.

Taranto Comune Cemetery Extension (Taranto, Taranto province, Puglia Region, Italy) WWI Commonwealth - 1 South African, Indian, Maltese, Egyptian, United Kingdom, 449 total.

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