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Kathy speaks locally and internationally on a variety of topics. A complete listing of all presentations and publications can be found at Timeline. Her bio page is at

Her presentations on Holocaust Research include the following:
"Ferramonti Concentration Camp in Italy" Out of the 3823 prisoners, only fifty died. One Hundred Forty-One of these prisoners were Italian, the rest having fled from Europe before capture in Italy, Bengasi (Libya) and Rhodes (Greece). Most of the prisoners were Jewish and were able to observe that religion in the Camp. There were also non-Jewish people from China, France, Greece, and Yugoslavia. The cooperation between the camp staff, prisoners, and the local community enabled this situation in a dark time.

"Italian Concentration Camps during World War II" The fifty-seven known locations of Concentration and Internment Camps run by Fascists in Italy, more or less in cooperation with the German Nazis are described. They ran a range from death camps to work camps to one camp recently described as the "anti-Auschwitz" camp because of the care given to Jewish prisoners there. Those prisoners were from Germany, Austria, France, Eastern Europe, Greece, Yugoslavia, China, and Italy. Most of the prisoners were Jewish, but also others.

"The Vatican as Shoah Rescuer" Using the published research done in recently opened records of the Vatican, plus witness accounts and other research, this claim is well documented. They provided asylum, false identification, and emigration aid to Jews as well as speaking out against the "murder and mistreatment" of Jews from 1938.

Her presentations on Military Research include the following:
"20th Century Military Burials in the US, Europe, and World-Wide" Burials in military cemeteries include civilians, diplomats, medical personnel, and volunteer aid workers, including women. Not all burials in military cemeteries are military, and not all military burials served the countries maintaining their cemeteries. Most military cemeteries have monuments listing the missing as well as burials of the unknown. Some military burials are in civilian cemeteries.

"Polish Military in the Liberation of Italy from the Nazis" After the German and Soviet Invasions of Poland in 1939, soldiers in the Polish Army and civilians were sent to camps in the USSR. Other Poles were conscripted into the German Army. Polish soldiers served in the armies of Germany, the US, Britain (including Palestine), as well as those freed from the USSR who fought alongside the the Allies to Liberate Italy and in the Mediterranean.

Her presentations on Prisoner of War Research include the following:
"20th Century POW Locations and Records in the US, Europe, and World-Wide" POW camp locations in WWI included the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire, plus at least five other countries. Prisoners represented at least 16 nations. POW camp locations in WWII included at least 18 countries. Prisoners represented at least 10 nations. Books by former POWs often list other POWs and some staff. POW records by nation of service can be found in the records of their armies. More research in records of organizations of former POWs, burial indexes, books, museums, national archives, and the Vatican Apostolic Archives.
"20th Century Prisoner of War Locations Across America" Nine WWI POW camps led to 1210 POW WWII camps, hospitals and cemeteries in America, housing over 371,000 Germans, 51,000 Italians, and 5000 Japanese soldiers.

"20th Century POW Locations and Records in the US, Europe, and World-Wide" Prisoners of War held in the US and other locations were sometimes documented during WWII in records later sent their respective military services. Visits to POW camps world-wide by the Red Cross and the Vatican resulted in records now at those institutions, including lists of prisoners.

Other topics include the following:
"Enemy Alien Camps Across America" From WWI through WWII, a variety of records reveals the different levels of removal and restriction of Enemy Aliens in the US during wartime. Internees included not only enemy aliens living in the US, but also diplomats of enemy countries and cruise ship crews removed from locations in the US and other countries in South and Central America who sent them to the US.

"The Polish Moses, General Wladyslaw Anders" Transporting the Polish Army from Siberia to Palestine, he started with 70,000 people. Gathering Polish orphans and recruits with families from across USSR, there were 120,000 people upon arrival there, including 5000 Jews. 3000 soldiers left to stay in Palestine while others joined the Polish 2nd Corps to fight in Italy.

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