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POW Camps in Virginia

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This list of Prisoner of War Camps, Italian Service Unit Camps, and Prisoner of War Hospitals is based on weekly reports located on NARA microfilm #66-538 (population lists June 1942-June 1946). Additional locations based on newspapers, interviews, and other NARA records (at College Park and Regional Archives).

The POW Camps in Virginia during World War II included:

•Allen Naval Operating Base (camp), Norfolk (independent city), VA (base camp)
•Custis (Fort John), Kiptopeke, Northampton County, VA (base camp)
•Eustis (Fort Abraham), Newport News (independent city), VA (base camp)
•Eustis (Fort), Newport News (independent city), VA (base camp)
•Front Royal Remount Depot, Front Royal, Warren County, VA (base camp)
•Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, Newport News (independent city), VA (base camp)
•Henry (Camp Patrick), Newport News (independent city), VA (base camp)
•Hunt (Fort Henry J.), Fairfax County, VA (restricted listing, interrogation center)
•Lee (Camp Robert E.), South Petersburg (independent city), VA (base camp)
•McGuire (Hunter H.) General Hospital, Richmond, Chesterfield County, VA
•Monroe (Fort James) Regional Hospital, Hampton (independent city), VA
•Norfolk Army Base, Norfolk (independent city), VA
•Peary (Camp), near Williamsburg (independent city), bordered by James City and York Counties, VA (base camp)
•Pendleton (Camp), near Virginia Beach (independent city), VA
•Pickett (Camp), Blackstone, Nottoway County, VA, now Fort Pickett (base camp)
•Richmond Army Air Base, Richmond, Chesterfield County, VA (base camp)
•Richmond Army Service Forces Depot, Richmond, Chesterfield County, VA (base camp)
•Story (Fort), Virginia Beach (independent city), VA (base camp)

Enemy alien internment camps:
•Hot Springs, Bath County, VA (German, Italian, Japanese, and Misc.)
•New Market, Shenandoah County, VA (Italian)
•Staunton, Augusta County, VA (German and Japanese)

Arlington National Cemetery, Ft. Myer, VA
Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton (independent city), VA

There were 18 base camps, 22 branch camps, 3 internment locations, and 2 cemeteries in VA. More information in my latest book titled Prisoner of War Camps Across America and is available in Kindle format on Amazon and in Nook format on Barnes and Noble.

For more information about these camps, please see:
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