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Bushnell (George E.) General Hospital (PWC), Utah

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Photo and details courtesy of Lynn Burton.

I am attaching a recent photo I took of the Provost Marshall's Office at Bushnell Hospital as it looks today. I was still in high school when I worked there as a clerk - typing up the payroll forms for prisoners of war, who were kept in the area directly across the street from us. I could see them exercising in the yard, but I was not allowed to try to converse with them.I worked the previous year in the Laundry and the third year (by then I had started college) as X-Ray Stenographer in the main building (dictation by surgeons in the morning, transcription in the afternoon).

All the POW's were on hospital grounds at the very south end. The POW's were used on road repair crews in the area. All that can be seen now are acres and acres of brick buildings that all used to be connected by miles of corridors. Those I saw were Eddie Canter and characters from his programs, Bob Hope and his cast of characters, Ella Raines, Shirley Temple, etc. I don't know if the POW's were allowed to see those shows. Celebrities who regularly came to Brigham City were Clark Cable, Wallace Beery, and Ward Bond - because they owned a duck blind just west of Brigham City, and they liked to eat at the Pheasant Grill on main street - long since gone.

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