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Italian Prisoners of War in the Continental USA on 31 March 1945
NARA RG 389, Entry 464A, Box 1505, Vol. 1 (A-B)

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These wonderful lists show the name, pow #, rank, service code, service command, organization, station, and notes for the Italian POW and ISU members held in the Continental US on 31 March 1945.

The column heading marked "org" leads to a set of scanned pages listing locations where POWs were held. Unfortunately, the 3 digit codes on that list don't correspond to the 3 digit codes on these rosters, although both the experts at NARA and I thought they did when this project was under development. I've since been able to disprove that theory through researching several POWs. None of their known locations matched those indicated by matching the 3 digit codes on the rosters to the 3 digit codes on these scanned sheets. Unfortunately, these scanned lists are the only lists that NARA could locate that might match with these rosters. Several researchers are working to match the codes on these rosters to known locations and organizations.

This is a sample page from these rosters. The rosters can be ordered at

Name____________________________POW #_____grade____A/S____Ser. Com. #_Org.____Station______Notes
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