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Other Allied Military Cemeteries in Italy

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Greek Cemetery at Riccione (Riccione, Rimini Province, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) - 114 burials, WWII.

Cassino Polish War Cemetery (Cassino, Frosinone Province, Lazio Region, Italy) - Burials of 1052 of the 4000 who died in this battle in the 2nd Army Corps are here. Another 250 Bellorussians from the West of Belarus (now Poland) are also buried here.
Location & access The Polish War Cemetery car park is 0.7 km (by road) from the car park at Monte Cassino Abbey. From the Polish Cemetery car park, you progress down a sloping walkway (about 500 metres long) with about 3 flights of about 8 steps each.
Arriving at the cemetery gates, there is another flight of about ten steps to get up to the cemetery base. This cemetery is all stone. There is no grass in the main cemetery. The crosses are laid out on a steep terraced stone semi circle. You have to be reasonably fit to climb up there and then on to the garden further up the slope. One of our Veterans, in a wheelchair, got as far as the cemetery base, but this involved the assistance of three fit young men.
This route is NOT wheelchair friendly (a lot of extra assistance will be required).
This information is my opinion (October 2005) and not offered in any professional capacity.

Polish War Cemetery Casamassima (Casamassima, Bari Province, Puglia Region, Italy) Burials of 431 soldiers and officers who died in the 2nd Army Corps are here.

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